Our Services

Relay Settings

  • Transmission Line Protection from 12kV to 765 kV
  • Communication-aided Protection Schemes (87L, DCB, POTT, PUTT, DCUB)
  • Unit Protection for generators, transformers, capacitor bank, shunt reactor
  • Substation Protection and Control for bus, breaker
  • Distribution System Protection
  • Protection for FACTS
  • Wide Area Protection and Remedy Action Schemes

RTDS Tests

  • Real Time Digital Simulation (RTDS) Tests to verify protection and control¬† schemes/settings for complex power system or critical assets
  • Power System Transient Study
  • Secondary Injection Tests

P&C Application Design

  • Protection Schemes (line, transformer, bus, breaker, capacitor bank, reactor)
  • Auto-reclosing Schemes
  • System Integrity Protection Schemes
  • Bus Transfer Schemes
  • Remedy Action schemes
  • Volt/VAR Controllers

Digital Substation Design

  • IEC61850 Compatible System Design
  • HardFiber System and TiDL System Design
  • Substation Communication Network Design
  • RTU and Station HMI Configuration
  • Substation Automation System
  • Asset Health Monitors

Power System Studies

  • Fault Analysis
  • Short Circuit and Relay Coordination Studies¬†
  • Transient Simulation using PSACD, EMTP-RV, ATP
  • Area Coordination Studies
  • Protection System Reliability Analysis