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Automated Relay Setting (ARS)

ARS is the engineering tool that can generate relay settings and setting document automatically. It also includes abundant features to help P&C engineers to review and check relay settings.


ARS is the tool that can automate the relay setting process. By using ARS, Utilities will be able to save cost and improve quality on relay engineering.

ARS can collect data and perform fault simulations on ASPEN Oneliner automatically. Based on the simulation results and groups of well-defined expert rules, the relay settings are calculated and  the setting document is generated after a click of button. The setting document in the form of Excel Spreadsheets include a number of functions to help the P&C engineer to review the settings. The engineer can make adjustment to the automated settings if necessary. After setting review, the setting template files (.rdb, .urs) and the Oneliner file (.olr) can be updated by ARS with new settings. What’s more, the relay test plans and test reports can be generated by ARS effortlessly.

Key Features

  • Reduce relay setting work from days to minutes and help to improve the quality of settings
  • Collect network data and perform fault simulations by using Oneliner or CAPE automatically
  • Calculate settings per network and fault simulation data
  • Include setting calculations for 2-terminal line, 3-terminal line, T-transformer, D-transformer, bus, capacitor bank, breaker relay, etc.
  • The resulted setting documents not only provide explanation of settings, but also include functions for coordination check and setting adjustment
  • Update relay setting template files (*.rdb, *.urs, *.cid, *,selaprj) with a click of button, which helps to avoid human error
  • Update Oneliner and CAPE with new settings
  • Include Line/Transformer Settings Check Functions that are designed for large area PRC-027 / PRC023 / PRC026 study, the detailed document for each line/transformer terminal can not only dispose setting issues or coordination issues,  but also explain the issues
  • The Pilot Scheme Check functions helps relay engineers to verify DCB, POTT, 87L settings for 2 or 3-terminal lines
  • The Setting Comparison Function help relay engineers to verify as-issued and as-left settings, and it generate common-format comparison report for relays of different vendors
  • Generate test plans for field tests
  • Simple to use.


Here is the brochure of ARS. If you are interested, please send email to  sales@uasengineers.com or services@uasengineers.com for further information.